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Universal studios Orlando Accident of Roller Coaster and all

Universal studios Orlando Accident or Orlando Roller Coaster Accident complete article today we are sharing with you. As we know universal studios roller coaster accident no one forget. Theme parks or amusement parks have been creating waves with their most attractive and adventurous rides and attractions. Irrespective of age people are going gaga about theme park rides.

The authorities of Theme parks with every passing day are coming up with some exciting things to be included in the theme park, which is why most of the people are getting attracted to theme parks. Along with adventurous rides theme parks also offer Zoo, sea life centers, daily shows etc to entertain the guests over there. There are also hotels associated with these theme parks. Guests who visit theme parks can book the hotel room for their night stay. With great sceneries around the theme park literally seems like a God designed park instead of a man made one.

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Orlando Roller Coaster Accident

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is situated in Orlando, Florida, U.S. This is the best and biggest theme park in Florida till date. This is also called as Universal Orlando. This resort is the second largest resort in Orlando next to Walts Disney World. This Universal Orland Resort consists of two theme parks namely Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Universal Studios Florida consists of areas related to celluloid’s. There are lots of attractive rides, shopping, eatables, special events conducted by the people of the Park. Islands of Adventure consist of seven different islands that were designed based on different adventures.

Roller Coaster

Out of all the adventurous rides, roller coaster is the most dangerous and adventurous ride one can take in life. Universal Orlando Resort offers the best lengthy track of roller coaster experience to its guests. People who love thrills in life and want to do something adventurous in life prefer can ride this roller coaster. It is an amusement ride that kills all your worries for the time you are on the ride of a roller coaster. As the roller coaster slides in all directions up-side-down there should be a great safety associated with roller coaster and the authorities of theme parks always come up with the best safety system for the riders of roller coaster.

Universal studios Orlando Accident of Roller Coaster and all

In Islands of Adventure, Universal Studio Orlando, Florida the adventurous roller coaster has stopped suddenly on the track. This was happened on March 24, 2015, which is on Tuesday. The roller coaster normally started its ride on the tract and all the riders have seated in their places very excitedly to ride the roller coaster.

After riding for a while the roller coaster has stopped on the track suddenly due to some technical faults. Fortunate are the riders and the authorities of the park that there was no life loss took place in this accident of roller coaster. The part of the train that was stuck in the middle of the coaster contained 12 riders in it. The roller coaster was riding at a speed of 67mph and has seven loops.

This was happened around 5 pm on Tuesday. The roller coaster was stopped approximately 15 feet from the ground. The roller coaster stopped just 50 yards away from unloading area. When the roller coaster was stopped there were approximately 32 passengers in the car where 20 of them were at the safest point of the track and got down through the stairwell while the other 12 passengers were left in the roller coaster were at little risk as they were just past the safest point.

The Park’s authority immediately called for rescue of the riders in the roller coaster and firefighters immediately landed in the Islands of Adventure. The firefighters took the help of a cherry-picker for rescuing the riders that were struck in the roller coaster.

They slowly rescued the riders one-by-one with the help of the crane. The good thing is that no one was hurt in this incident. Riders have stayed up in the air in the roller coaster for about quarter of an hour. This was happened around 5 pm on Tuesday. The authorities of the Park said to the media that there has been a technical issue associated with the roller coaster and that is why the roller coaster shutdown suddenly. The park management were not sure of the actual reason the huge and hulk roller coaster has stopped suddenly on the track.

 A investigation team was assigned to know the exact situation and the reason behind its sudden shutdown. This roller coaster was build in 1999 in the Island of Adventures in Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. As the fault was with just the glitch, the park was opened normally the next morning i.e., on Wednesday.

16 – People dead in roller coaster accident at Universal Studios

Wrong news was spread virally all over the Facebook and other social networking sites saying that 16 people were dead in the roller coaster accident at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. Government officials and the Park’s authority declared that it was false news and few anti-social forces in the network have created this fake news of the accident. In reality, there has been no such huge accident occurred or none were dead in the accident.

The false news was like this “OMG!!! Leaked CCTV video caught the accident in Universal Studios Theme Park in Orland, Florida. It shows that 16 people already dead after the roller coaster was departed from the rails and crashed into the ground.

There are 24 passengers all in all, 16 dead and 8 are in critical condition. This video will not be televised on air as requested of the family for privacy. Please continue with discretion. Watch this video here.”

Also another news channel “Fox Breaking News” also came up with a fake news about the same roller coaster accident.

The authorities say that there was no such video of a roller coaster accident uploaded in the Facebook and it was just a type of trap by few people in order to get your logins and passwords of your social networking accounts.

If out of anxiety to watch the video of the roller coaster accident, a person has entered his details, the page will be redirected to a survey page where you will be asked more of your personal stuff. It is not at all recommended to fill out your personal info or share, or like particular post they are indicating in the name of survey.

Your anxiety to see something like that will keep you at more risk than a roller coaster accident. If you have already provided your password and login to them then make sure to change them to new.

There were none hurt and none dead in the roller coaster accident that was happened in the Island of Adventures, Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. There was no history of such incident happened with that particular roller coaster in the past. So, adventurous riders get ready to ride the Island of Adventures roller coaster. It welcomes you with open arms as always.

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